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Our Forum was established at the end of 2007 in an attempt to secure a voice for consultation for the Rehabilitation Officers in Wales in the ever changing visual impairment world whether political, professional or service based.

The perennial issue of a Rehabilitation Officers' professional body seems to have stagnated and so an all Wales response seemed the right next step.

We have secured the membership of all the Rehabilitation Officers, Assistant Rehabilitation Officers, Student Rehabilitation Officers, Mobility Officers in Wales and we have recently approached the Education Department-based Mobility Officers with regard to them joining us.

Since the launch of our Forum we have made ourselves available for consultation to our employers, our government, particularly the Welsh Assembly Government, as well as the third sector. This has resulted in our direct involvement with the Visual Impairment Service Benchmarking Process, the Sensory Impairment National Occupational Standards Technical Reference Group, the Sensory Impairment Workers Qualification Framework Group, and the Low Vision Service Implementation Group.

Our first independent Welsh Rehabilitation Officers Forum Conference was held in Llandrindod on the 18th June 2008 where our membership decided that our future conferences will concentrate on our continuous professional development which elsewhere is inconsistently available. Therefore in addition to our constitutionally required AGM our conference will always have keynote speakers aimed at enhancing our professional standing.

We look forward to hearing from other Forums or Rehabilitation Officers regarding all issues concerning visual impairment service provision, especially the issue of a National Professional Body for the Rehabilitation Officers of the UK.